title. project 01

date. 2023

city. Madrid

size. mural painting 500m x 500m

Each painting 48 x 72”  / Acrylic / Ink / Bible pages on board


The Statue of Mary is one of the most significant and powerful imagines in this world.

Additionally to that I believed that there was something else more significant to a Statue of Mary…

A Statue of Mary transformed into an art piece and submerged onto bible pages…

‘The Light & Darkness ’ Series

Each painting 72 x60"

Each painting 72 x60"

 85 x 132"

The Light & Darkness’ Series. 


Each painting is 60 x 72 / Acrylic on Canvas


Light & Darkness is all around us… The darkness try’s to take a strong hold on ours lives. But the light wins the battle. 

From the darkness gives birth to the light. 

‘The Visions ’ Series

Each painting 72 x60"

Each painting is 14 x 17” / Acrylic / Charcoal / Graphite / Ink  on paper 

‘The Visions ’ Series