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I I grew up on a remote beautiful  Australian farm, hours away from Melbourne and Adelaide, with my twin brother, older sister, and parents who are deeply in love. Farm life was incredible, but I longed for the city after 18 years there. While my brother enjoyed farming, I turned to drawing.

My parents took me to the Grampians caves, part of a vast mountain range created by ancient geological processes. The caves were stunning, with seashells and sand remnants from when the land was underwater. This discovery reminded me of the Earth's history.

Aboriginal cave paintings in the Grampians showed their traditions and stories, serving as a communication tool over generations. These paintings mirrored other ancient civilizations' art, revealing shared human experiences. Aboriginal art's longevity was remarkable and biblical, connecting to their land and spiritual beliefs.

Working in an Aboriginal art gallery deepened my appreciation for their culture and it's expression through art. Their connection to the land and storytelling fascinated me. I combined this influence with my faith, using art to express my beliefs and share my spiritual experiences.

By incorporating scripture into my artwork, I found purpose and direction. My paintings conveyed my connection to the land, faith, and culture. Art's power to evoke emotions and convey messages led me to create works that resonated with others who shared similar beliefs.

Ultimately, my journey from being inspired by Aboriginal art to painting about faith and personal experiences provided a deeper purpose to my artistic expression. Incorporating scripture and sharing my spiritual journey allowed me to connect with others and foster conversations about faith, culture, and beliefs. 

This is what I do. I’m so happy my art has a visceral effect on others and is similar to my own experience. It gives joy and a cathartic experience to my audience as it does to me. This is why I’m an artist and not a farmer.

Exhibitions / Installation / Murals –


The W Hotel Hollywood, ceiling Mural – 130 feet long – title ‘Spiritual Warfare’ ‘23

Salvador Dali / James Peter Henry Exhibition at Winn Slavin Fine Art – Beverly Hills ‘23

The City Harvest Ball - NYC - Live Auction for a painted bottle of Cardinal du Four Armagnac.

Selling for $1.2 MILLION DOLLARS '22

Exhibition at Winn Slavin Fine Art - Beverly Hills '22

'THE DRESS' (hand painted dress) appeared in Vogue '22


Exhibition at The Oscar luxury lounge - The Beverly Wilshire Hotel - Beverly Hills '22

Art Basel - Istituto Marangoni - presented by eBay & GBK in collaboration with Claude Kameni, for 'THE DRESS’ & Hermes Painted bag '21

Art Basel - Convention Centre – Kobe Bryant immortal Exhibition, 21'

NFT 'The cartel Series' with LandDAO - Whole collection selling out in 20 mins, '21

NFT Collaboration featuring Snoop Dogg / Julian Banks & James Peter Henry ‘21

THE UN WORLD OCEAN DAY, Projection onto The Sydney Opera House. Australia



Exhibition - Pre-Oscar gift lounge – for Oscar Nominees at James’ studio at

 La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood, CA 2021


Grand Opening of ‘The Human form Mural’ at La Peer Hotel, CA ‘21


MTS Arts & Culture ‘Light coming out of darkness’ solo exhibition, Los Angeles, CA ’20

Rooftop mural and art installation reveal with Santa Fe Lofts and solo art exhibition, Los Angeles, CA ’19


Opening of ‘Overcome’ Mural at Employees Only, West Hollywood, CA ’19


Exhibition at Frieze Week ‘Art After Dark’, Los Angeles,

At La Peer Hotel CA ’19


Maddox Gallery Q&A / live painting exhibition, Los Angeles, CA, ’19


Maddox Gallery London – Summer Exhibition ‘19


Collaboration with Ariana Rugs release and reveal of limited-edition art pieces, Los

Angeles, CA ’19


‘Unveiling the largest mural on Melrose Ave’ In Collaboration with TableArt,

Los Angeles, CA ’18 Los


    Exhibition – Los Angeles Times Presents Frieze Week ‘Art After Dark’,                      Los Angeles, CA



USA Today ‘James Peter Henry features artwork with designer Romeo Hunte for New York Fashion Week Feb ’17


Style LA Fashion Week “Immersion” at Pacific Design Center Los Angeles, CA ’16

Dali James Peter Henry
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