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James Peter Henry works consist of a manipulation of sorts. He looks at art as a way to evoke curiosity for the viewer and plays with the human form, shapes, anything else that comes to mind so that everyone who looks at a piece will see a different part of their own 



 The artist is heavily inspired by the things around and strive to personify emotion on canvas. Art, for him, is always about feelings, sometimes this leads to a human-like form, other times it is the juxtaposition of patterns, and quite often it is a combination of several things including these two elements. The major points of reference have always been Aboriginal and African art with Cubism consistently finding its way into many pieces. 


For the artist, the only time art is about perfection is when you can find no more space for the brush to speak via the given medium. James has been painting since he was a small child, grew up on a farm in country Victoria, Australia so always had an overactive imagination. Farm life is beautifully simple and comes with a special silence that can only be experienced, He says. This silence gave life to the overactive imagination that fuels his urge to constantly create to this day.

Exhibition & Collaborations











The City Harvest Ball - NYC - Live Auction for a painted bottle of Cardinal du Four Armagnac, which also included  a private dinner with Eric Ripert.

Selling for $1.2 MILLION DOLLARS  '22 


Exhibition at Winn Slavin Fine Art - Beverly Hills '22

'THE DRESS' appeared in Vogue '22

Oscar luxury lounge - The Beverly Wilshire Hotel - Beverly Hills '22 

Art Basel - Istituto Marangoni - presented by eBay & GBK  in collaboration with Claude Kameni,

'THE DRESS'     '21


Art Basel  - Convention Centre - Kobe immortal Exhibition, 21' 

NFT 'The cartel Series' with LandDAO - Whole collection selling out in 20 mins, '21

NFT Collaboration featuring Snoop Dogg / Julian Banks & James Peter Henry ‘21

THE UN WORLD OCEAN DAY - At The Sydney Opera House. Australia ‘21

Pre-Oscar gift lounge - limited Edition Prints given to Oscar Nominees at James’ studio at

La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood, CA 2021

Grand Opening of ‘The Human form Mural’ at La Peer Hotel, CA ‘21

MTS Arts & Culture “Light coming out of darkness” solo exhibition, Los Angeles, CA ’20

Rooftop mural and art installation reveal with Santa Fe Lofts and solo art exhibition, Los Angeles, CA ’19


Opening of ‘Overcome’ Mural at Employees Only, West Hollywood, CA ’19


Los Angeles Times Presents Frieze Week ‘Art After Dark’, Los Angeles, CA ’19

Maddox Gallery Q&A / live painting exhibition, Los Angeles, CA, ’19

Collaboration with Ariana Rugs release and reveal of limited edition art pieces, Los Angeles, CA ’19


‘Unveiling the largest mural on Melrose Ave’ In Collaboration with TableArt, Los Angeles, CA ’18 Los


Angeles Times Presents Frieze Week ‘Art After Dark’, Los Angeles, CA ’18

USA Today ‘James Peter Henry features artwork with designer Romeo Hunte [Designer for Beyonce]

for New York Fashion Week Feb ’17

Style LA Fashion Week “Immersion” at Pacific Design Center Los Angeles, CA ’16

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